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Pop Up Show Description & Terms

Call for submissions for Popup Market series for the  2018 Holiday Season

Ideal Arts Popup Market Description and Terms


Unfortunately, we did not get enough submissions to make those markets
happen, so they have been canceled.  We will send out updated calls for
submission for future markets soon.  Thank you all


The Ideal Arts Space is located in the old Ideal movie theater (905 W. 36th St.) on “the Avenue” in Hampden. This space features a 40 foot wide store-front window allowing Hampden’s foot traffic (some of the best in the city!) to see our exciting events inside.

We are happy to announce a full holiday pop-up market series for the 2018 holiday season!  That series will be 2 general markets (open to all vendors).  We are also offering a 15% booth fee discount to vendors who participate in both markets.

11/24 – Small business Saturday market!
12/15 – Final holiday market

These Popup Markets will (each) be a one day event on from 11am to 5pm.

Market vendor Application is available here

Application schedule:

  • Immediately – Application form is open!
  • 11/4 – Final Due Date for submission applications
  • 11/11 – The Ideal Arts Curator will send an invoice via email for booth fees and provide an email describing your booth location. If you are participating in multiple shows, a single invoice will be sent for all shows (including the discount)
  • 11/18- Booth fee payments are due.

Event schedule for each event on the above dates:

  • 8:00am – The Ideal Arts Space opens for Load-in and booth setup
  • 11am to 5pm – The event will be open to the public
  • 5pm to 6pm – load-out and cleanup.  We ask that all vendors keep their booths open until at least 4pm.

Terms of Popup Show

This show will feature primarily 6x5ft booth either backing a wall or railing ($65) or in the center of the space backing another artist ($50). We will also have some 10×10 booths available upon request for ($120) Please note that booths may not extend deeper than 5ft to allow for walkway aisles between booths. You can see the map of our available booths here

Pricing for the student show is reduced and prices are listed on the application form.

The Ideal Arts Space will provide:

  • Accessible electrical outlets for displays that need power. (Vendors are encouraged to bring extension cords and/or power strips if needed)
  • Soft overhead lighting (Vendors are encouraged to bring their own lighting if a bright display is needed to properly see your merchandise)
  • Limited slat-wall hooks upon request
  • Access to wifi if needed for online credit card processing (ie: square or paypal). However, the Ideal’s wifi cannot provide bandwidth for more data intensive needs such as streaming video
  • Appropriate background music
  • Online and storefront marketing. (Artists are encouraged to reach out to their social networks to raise awareness about each event).
  • A “Barker” during the event to help make passing street traffic aware of the show
  • A poster image that will be shareable for publicity via Facebook and Instagram
  • A Facebook event for artists to invite their fans
  • Folding chairs to use in booths (if desired)

Please do NOT bring folding chairs (we have more than we can store, so if you need one please use ours!)
Please DO remember to bring tables and whatever other booth display furniture you need.

Questions about submissions or pop up shows in general can be directed to: